Our Mission

We are compassionate mobile veterinary facility for dogs and cats, operated by state licensed veterinarian, offering affordable pet shots and preventive pet health care, for our furry friends at your convenience.

We offer veterinary health services, routine health/blood check-up, low-cost vaccinations, parasite control, heartworm, flea and tick prevention, home euthnasia and treat sick pets at a guaranteed lowest prices in the whole county.


We're here, whenever you need us, at a much affordable cost.

To host our low-cost clinic:  Since our prices are the lowest in the county, we have significant customer foot traffic to our pet shot clinics. In order to host our pet shot clinic, to bring this foot traffic to your business place, please contact us at 813.388.8308.

Mobile Pet Hospital

Compassionate, yet, affordable pet healthcare

Ph: 813.388.8308   Fax: 813.342.7902

** For $0.22/ day, protect your pet from Heartworms, Rounds and Hooks**

Professional Vet Services